Communications Systems

Communications Systems Design and Analysis

MATLAB, Simulink, and related communications products help you design and simulate communications systems. Using both sample-based libraries and higher level abstractions, you can implement the desired level of model fidelity and simulation speed from within a single environment.

Explore Designs Across Multiple Domains

Detect errors early in the design flow and easily explore alternative architectures and algorithms by integrating models and algorithms from different domains in a single environment. You can design using standard channel models and a large library of communications functions and include real-world RF effects using related products that model the impact of imperfect mixers, nonlinear amplifiers, and circuit devices.

Implement System Level Modeling and Event-Based Simulation

In a single environment, you can model control and mode logic to represent dynamic communications systems that react to changing channel conditions, perform signal re-acquisition, and control the higher-level MAC and link layers. At higher levels of abstraction, you graphically capture the behavior of event-based systems in addition to the textual representation of MATLAB algorithms. You can readily model finite state machines and develop event-based models of systems and networks to evaluate system parameters such as congestion, resource contention, and processing delays.

Accelerate Design Exploration and Simulation Performance

Characterize the performance of a wide range of systems using communications tools such as BERTool and Error Test Console. These tools provide a framework for you to rapidly evaluate error performance and architectural alternatives for communications systems.

To accelerate system simulation, MathWorks parallel computing products let you quickly measure bit error rates in the more challenging, higher signal-to-noise regimes.

BridgeWave Communications

BridgeWave Communications

"Building a high-frequency, high-capacity, highly available wireless link is an engineering challenge. Using Simulink, we modeled and simulated the entire design before moving to hardware. Getting into the lab with confidence in the design is a huge benefit."

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