Computer Vision System Toolbox

Fixed Point and Code Generation

Computer Vision System Toolbox supports the creation of system-level test benches, fixed-point modeling, and code generation within MATLAB and Simulink. This support lets you integrate algorithm development with rapid prototyping, implementation, and verification workflows.

Code Generation Support

Most System objects, functions, and blocks in Computer Vision System Toolbox can generate ANSI/ISO C code using MATLAB Coder™, Simulink Coder™, or Embedded Coder™. You can select optimizations for specific processor architectures and integrate legacy C code with the generated code to leverage existing intellectual property. You can generate C code for both floating-point and fixed-point data types. The system toolbox ships with an example that shows how to convert an algorithm created in MATLAB to C code using code generation.

Fixed-Point Modeling

Many real-time systems use hardware that requires fixed-point representation of your algorithm. Computer Vision System Toolbox supports fixed-point modeling in most blocks and System objects, with dialog boxes and object properties that help you with configuration.

System toolbox support for fixed point includes:

  • Word sizes from 1 to 128 bits
  • Arbitrary binary-point placement
  • Overflow handling methods (wrap or saturation)
  • Rounding methods, including ceiling, convergent, floor, nearest, round, simplest, and zero
Simulink model designed to create code for a specific hardware target.
Simulink model designed to create code for a specific hardware target. This model generates C code for a video stabilization system and embeds the algorithm into a digital signal processor (DSP).

Image Processing Primitives

Computer Vision System Toolbox includes image processing primitives that support fixed-point data types and C-code generation. These System objects and Simulink blocks include:

  • 2-D spatial and frequency filtering
  • Image preprocessing and postprocessing algorithms
  • Morphological operators
  • Geometric transformations
  • Color space conversions

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