MATLAB Production Server

Licensing and Installation


A MATLAB Production Server license provides access to a specific number of workers (MATLAB computational engines) that run simultaneously on one or more computer servers.

Software Installation

MATLAB Production Server consists of server software and lightweight client libraries. The server software can be installed on all hardware platforms and operating systems that MATLAB supports. The client libraries can be integrated with any .NET or Java based application and distributed as a part of the application to any number of end users.

MATLAB Production Server workers use the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR), a set of runtime libraries required to run MATLAB programs packaged using MATLAB Compiler. Programs that run on MATLAB Production Server require installation of the MCR version that matches the MATLAB Compiler version used to package the program. MATLAB Production Server can manage multiple versions of the MCR and packaged programs.

Learn more about client and server system requirements.

For details on installation and configuration, see MATLAB Production Server Quick Start Guide.

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