Phased Array System Toolbox

Key Features

  • Monostatic and multistatic radar system modeling, including point targets, free-space propagation, surface clutter, and barrage jammer
  • Modeling of sensor arrays and subarrays with arbitrary geometries
  • Polarization and platform motion specification for arrays and targets
  • Synthesis and analysis of continuous and pulsed waveforms
  • Broadband and narrowband digital beamforming, including MVDR/Capon, LCMV, time delay, Frost, and subband phase shift
  • Direction of arrival algorithms, including monopulse, beamscan, MVDR, root MUSIC, and ESPRIT
  • Algorithms for TVG, pulse compression, coherent and noncoherent integration, CFAR processing, plotting ROC curves, and estimating range and Doppler
  • Space-time adaptive processing (STAP), including sample matrix inversion (SMI), and angle-Doppler response visualization

The system toolbox includes examples that provide a starting point for implementing user-defined phased array systems.

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