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La Nuova Guida MATLAB, Simulink e Control Toolbox 4308

La Nuova Guida MATLAB, Simulink e Control Toolbox

Written in Italian, this book aims to help the reader quickly master MATLAB with many examples and careful organization of the material. The book introduces numeric computation with MATLAB, simulation of dynamic systems with Simulink, and the analysis and design of control systems using the Control System Toolbox. More than 50 solved examples and 200 exercises are presented to verify and increase the skill of the reader. In addition, advanced graphics topics and GUI design are discussed in two appendices.

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About This Book

Alberto Cavallo, Seconda Universita' di Napoli
Roberto Setola, Università CAMPUS Bio-Medico di Roma
Francesco Vasca, University del Sannio

Liguori Editore, 2002

ISBN: 88-207-3368-4
Language: Italian