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GPU Computing with MATLAB

In this webinar you will learn how you can leverage the computing power of NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPUs to accelerate your MATLAB applications with minimal programming effort.

MATLAB GPU functionality is well suited for a variety of application areas such as data analysis, image and signal processing applications including communications systems, computational finance, seismic data processing etc. The functionality, available through Parallel Computing Toolbox, enables you to perform computations on powerful GPUs using familiar MATLAB language and from within the MATLAB environment without complicated programming.

GPU computing topics will include how to:

  • Use GPU enabled MATLAB functions
  • Use CUDA kernels directly from MATLAB
  • Distribute MATLAB GPU applications as standalone executables and software components

About the Presenter: Sarah Wait Zaranek is part of the technical marketing team at the MathWorks focusing on MATLAB and other technical computing products. Before joining the technical marketing team, Sarah was an Application Engineer for several years at MathWorks focusing mainly on the parallel computing products. She received a PhD in Geology and a Masters in Applied Mathematics from Brown University.

Produits présentés

  • Parallel Computing Toolbox

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